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MGA Tournaments
Let's Play!

The MGA Tournaments include many competitive golf tournaments that will bring out the best of your golf game. Ready to Play? 

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MGA Saturday Events Calendar

Please note: Tournament Date and Time/ Format and Payout may change without notice

All Saturday Tournament include Limited On-Course Beverage, Golf Cart, Prizes and Lunch

Includes Closest to the Pin Prize on all Par 3's

Date: May 11, 2024

Shotgun 9:00 AM


Format: New and Old Mixer Tournament

Scoring: ABCD Format Individual play taking the AB best ball Gross and adding to CD best ball Net     (Age Appropriate Tees)

Scoring: Top 3 Team Winners



Date: July 6th, 2024

Shotgun 9:00 AM

Format: Red, White and Blue / Each Player play 6 holes from Red / White / Blue Tees

Seniors: 60+ players Red / White and Gold

Scoring: Top 3 Gross and Top 3 Net Winners

Date: August 24th, 2024

Shotgun: 9:00 AM

Format: The Famous Choker Tournament

Scoring: Prefered Drive will determine the "Choker" The selected ball wil played through the green and record the "Net' score of the "Choker". The remaining Three players will continue from that spot as a scramble and record the 'Gross" score. Those two scores will be combined for a team score!

Top 3 Team Scores winners

Date: November 9th, 2024

Shotgun: 9:00 AM

Format:  Season Finale! Special Match Play Format!

Scoring: TBD

Stonehenge MGA Governing Rules for all Tournament and Events, unless revised by specific rules of that tournament.

USGA rules govern all play except for the following local rules:


It is the responsibility of each player to know the rules and follow them. If there is any doubt as to how to proceed you should consult with your “A” player and your competitors that may be playing with you on how to proceed. Before any ball is moved or replaced under the rules the player MUST call a fellow competitor over to observe the action. Also refer to “Rule Infraction” below.

Ball coming to rest in any bunker will be played as it lies unless relief is provided under the rules of golf. The Committee reserves the right to modify this provision based on course conditions on the day of play.


Stones in bunkers are defined as ‘moveable obstructions’ and may be removed without penalty (if ball is moved, it shall be replaced without penalty provided that the movement of the ball is attributable to the removal of the obstruction)


Ball embedded in its own pitch mark, but not in a hazard, may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty ‘through the green’


Paved surfaces are defined as ‘cart paths’. USGA rules apply. No relief can be taken from cart path extensions unless clearly marked as “abnormal ground” (see below).

White outlined areas identify ‘abnormal ground’ conditions with the following options:

Ball may be played as it lies (if in own fairway, it may be lifted, cleaned and placed no nearer hole within the ‘abnormal ground’), OR, if not in own fairway, ball may be removed to nearest point of relief (one club length) outside the ‘abnormal ground’, cleaned and ‘dropped’ no nearer the hole.


Cell Phone Etiquette: For the enjoyment of all please be considerate of your fellow members and restrict the use of cell phones on the golf course to emergency calls only.

Slow Play – The Committee is aware that slow play has been an issue over the last few years. There are many reasons that could cause this condition including playing behind a threesome, time looking for lost balls, or playing when the course is full. It can also be caused by groups or players lagging behind and not keeping pace with the group in front of them. It is the responsibility of EACH PLAYER to maintain the pace of play. This means you should try to not be more than one hole behind the group in front of you. We ask that all members be aware of this issue and help eliminate slow play.


Preferred lies, in own fairway: Ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed within card length of original position. The ball is to be played down everywhere else. Scores SHOULD be posted for all rounds starting on this date.


Rule Infractions: The rules are in place to ensure equal and fair competition among all players of both equal and varying abilities. The intention of this rule is to cover those situations where there appears to be a deliberate intention to violate a rule. For example, moving the ball in a hazard or in the rough. It is the responsibility of EVERY member, not just the A player, to ensure that the USGA and local rules are followed. This also applies to those players on the same team. In the event a rules infraction is observed (even by members on the same team), it should be brought to the attention of the player committing the infraction IMMEDIATELY. These infractions should also be brought to the attention of the committee and the appropriate penalty assessed. The first offense of this rule will serve as a warning and the player's ball will not be allowed to count for the hole being played. The second offense of this rule will result in a two week suspension from club events. In the event a reported offense, the Committee will evaluate the circumstances and determine the proper penalty to be assessed including, but not limited to, outright expulsion from the SEASON. The Committee does not wish to have to make such a decision but will do so if necessary to ensure fair play for all members.

The rules are effective at the start of the season and until changed by the Committee.  The Committee reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time to protect the fair play of all members. Play well and enjoy the season! 

Tournament: Rules
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