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Stonehenge Golf and Country Club
Articles of Governance


Rev. Aug, 2017



The name of the organization shall be Stonehenge Golf and Country Club Men's Golf Association (“SGCCMGA”)




SGCCMGA is a not-for profit organization whose purpose is to provide exceptional membership experiences by promoting well planned golfing opportunities and social events to enhance comradery among SGCCMGA members.




There shall be a minimum of seven members on the Committee, which shall be the governing body of the SGCCMGA, shall enforce provisions of the articles of governance (this “Document”), and shall make decisions regarding the operation of the SGCCMGA’s programs.  The SGCCMGA committee shall be comprised, at a minimum, of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (collectively “Officers”) and three other Committee Members. The Committee Members shall be nominated by the SGCCMGA membership or current active Committee Members and shall be approved by a majority of the current SGCCMGA Officers. The Officers of the SGCCMGA shall be elected by the existing Committee Members. 




Membership is available to all men wishing to participate in the SGCCMGA’s golf activities.  Membership shall be contingent on compliance with the membership requirements of the SGCCMGA and Stonehenge Golf and Country Club Membership Requirements below:


  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Be a member in good standing of the Stonehenge Golf and Country Club.

  • Pay an annual, non-refundable membership fee to SGCCMGA as determined by the Committee.


Members in good standing may:


  • Attend all meetings of the Membership and Committee, except Executive Sessions of the Committee.

  • Participate in all events sponsored by the SGCCMGA, subject to specific event participation requirements.

  • Review all SGCCMGA records at any reasonable time.


Member Suspension or Exclusion:


The Committee shall have the right, with notice and hearing, to suspend or expel any Member for cause during any SGCCMGA event. 


  1. Cause may include, but is not limited to: rules violations, invalid handicap, inappropriate conduct or language, etc.

  2. The Committee will deliver formal written notice of its intended action to the affected Member, detailing the purported cause(s) for proposed suspension or expulsion, and advising the Member of a hearing date and time for his appearance to discuss the incident, determine facts, and consider appropriate action.


  • The President may, with the approval of the Committee, appoint an independent panel to conduct the hearing, research facts, and make recommendations. The panel will report its recommendations to the Committee, which will determine appropriate action.

  • All related hearings will be conducted in Executive Session.


3.    The decision of the Committee shall be rendered in writing to the Member.

4.    The Member may appeal the decision by requesting that an additional hearing be conducted by the Committee in Executive Session by delivering a written request to the Association President.  The request must include any new information, not considered in prior hearing, and identify specific reasons why the initial decision is perceived to be in error.




  1. Only full golf members of Stonehenge Golf and Country Club and SGCCMGA, in good standing, may participate in any SGCCMGA golfing events. 

  2. To qualify for participation in any SGCCMGA event or tournament, a USGA handicap is required of each member.

  3. The Tournament Chairman, subject to the approval of the Committee, shall establish rules of eligibility and handicap adjustment for participation in all golf events. 

  4. Members who do not cancel their participation in any regular play day of SGCCMGA golf event 72 hours in advance will be charged the SGCCMGA's entry fee for the event. The Committee may provide relief to this rule due to unusual circumstances.




  1. An Annual Membership Meeting of the SGCCMGA shall be scheduled for and conducted in February of each year.

  2. Committee meetings will occur, at a minimum, 4 times per calendar year. The meeting can be called with a notice and stating the purpose of such meeting.

  3. The President may call special meetings of the membership or meetings of the Committee with 24 hour written, electronic or oral notice and stating the purpose of such meeting.

  4. The President may call Executive Sessions of Committee meetings for the purposes of:


  • discussing matters of a personal nature, such as disciplinary actions or suspensions;

  • or selecting Officers of the Committee. 

  • other matters deemed appropriate to discuss other matters


5.    Executive Session defined: any meeting of a deliberative assembly, or a portion of a meeting, at which the        proceedings are secret.

6.    Members may attend meetings of the Committee, with the exception of Executive Sessions, but have no          voting or decision rights at these meetings. 


ARTICLE VII – Appointments


SECTION 1 – Appointment of Officers 




To serve as an Officer, a Member shall: 

  • Be in good standing with SGCCMGA and Stonehenge Golf and Country Club;

  • Have the necessary time to carry out the duties of the Committee;

  • Be reasonably available to attend all meetings.


  1. SGCCMGA Officers shall be elected by the Committee at the last quarterly meeting, on an annual basis, prior to the annual full membership meeting. The new officers will be announced at the annual full membership meeting.

  2. Officers will be voted in by majority of Committee Members. Voting for Officers can occur in person, or electronically.

  3. Each Officers in their current position should be responsible for nominating their replacement.

  4. If a replacement for an Officer cannot be filled before the last quarterly meeting, the remaining Officers or Committee Members will act in such capacity until the vacancy can be filled.


SECTION 2 – Terms and Duties of Officers


  1. As an Officer, you may serve only one (1) three-year term, in that office. After such term, Officers may serve an additional one (1) three-year term as Officer in a different office or as a Committee Member. All Officers and Committee Members may serve no more than 6 consecutive years in total under either capacity.

  2. The new Committee shall hold an organizational meeting as soon as practical, after the annual meeting, to assign committee chairs. Officers will be elected by the SGCCMGA Committee to serve (3) three-year terms. Officers will serve staggered terms.

The officers and their duties are:


President, who shall: 


  • Preside at all meetings of the membership and the Committee;

  • Appoint all Committee Chairmen;

  • Call such meetings of the Committee or Membership as he may deem necessary.

  • Be the official representative of the SGCCMGA; and

  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. 


Vice President, who shall: 


  • In the absence of the President, preside at all meetings of the membership or Committee.

  • Preside over all affairs related to MGA Tournaments and MGA Tournament Subcommittees


Secretary, who shall: 


  • Take and record minutes of all meetings of the membership and the Committee;

  • Be the custodian of the Constitution and By-laws of the SGCCMGA;

  • Be the official correspondent of the SGCCMGA; and,

  • Maintain, in conjunction with the Membership Committee Chairman, a current roster of the membership of the SGCCMGA.


Treasurer, who shall: 


  • Maintain adequate records of the finances and financial transactions of the SGCCMGA; 

  • Deposit all funds acquired by the SGCCMGA in financial institutions as approved by the Committee.

  • The MGA will observe sound financial control of the distributions of its funds to ensure that funds are spent in accordance to Article II of this Document.

  • Prepare and provide annual accounting activities of the calendar year’s activities for presentation to the Membership in annual full membership meeting.




The President, with the advice and consent of the Committee, shall appoint a chairman for the following Standing Committees, who in turn shall select their respective committee members:


  1. Tournaments, including

    1. SAT and Sunday Tournaments

    2. Food and Beverages for Tournament

    3. Blitz

    4. Match Play

  2. Christmas Party

  3. New Member Welcome


At the discretion of the full committee, a new “committee” or “sub-committee” can be create. Each committee chairman shall be responsible for preparing and maintaining complete and accurate records of committee deliberations during his tenure as chair. Such records should capture, at a minimum, decisions regarding expenditures and procedures.  Additionally, each committee chairman should maintain a formal written procedural guide for the benefit of subsequent committee members. At his discretion, the President may establish other, ad hoc committees and appoint chairmen, as needed.




The Fiscal, Elective and Membership years for the SGCCMGA shall be from January 1st to December 31st.   




The SGCCMGA shall use its funds only to accomplish the objectives and purposes specified in this Document.  No funds shall inure or be distributed to the members of the SGCCMGA or its Committee upon dissolution of the SGCCMGA. Should dissolution occur, any funds remaining, subsequent to the satisfaction of all SGCCMGA liabilities, shall be distributed to one or more regularly organized and qualified junior or youth golf associations within Stonehenge Golf and Country Club. Funds may also be distributed to qualified charitable or philanthropic organizations as selected by the Committee.




Robert's Rules of Order shall be taken as authority on all matters not further provided herein.




To further the purpose of the SGCCMGA, the committee members, through a vote by the majority, may amend the Governance and adopt such Document as it deems necessary.  Proposed amendments to the Document shall be in writing and presented to the full committee for discussion prior to a vote by the full committee. The effective date for implementation of approved Governance changes shall be made the following calendar year.

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